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Frogmouth sitting in a treePark Trek is proud to partner with Conservation Volunteers Australia to provide a range of walking tours that support conservation efforts across Australia.

Over 30% of Australia’s mammals and around 14% of birds are threatened or extinct in the wild. These tours support wildlife conservation projects aimed at combating species extinction. Funds from these innovative tours will help reintroduce some of Australia’s most vulnerable wildlife back into their original habitats including the Western Quoll, Malleefowl and Western Barred Bandicoot, among others.

Tours include one Park Trek guide and one guide conservation team member from Conservation Volunteers Australia and contain a combination of guided walks, wildlife viewing and exploration of our amazing national parks and private conservation reserves.

Experience the local landscapes at a leisurely pace, getting up close and personal with local wildlife and uncover the stories behind the scenery with local guides.

All walks allow plenty of time to enjoy the natural surrounds. No heavy packs required, just a light daypack making walking enjoyable. At the end of the day return to comfortable accommodation to enjoy snacks and meals.

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