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Reflections of a happy Bruny Island walker


We get lots of lovely reviews from customers about their incredible walking experiences with us and what made them special. Recently, we had a call from a customer who had just completed our Bruny Island walk along with her daughter.  

Her observations about why they had so enjoyed the trip were so rich we thought we’d share them in a short note. Basically, the trip was “a soul-nourishing journey” and she went on to explain some of the things that made it so special.

Reconnection, through disconnecting 

The Bruny Island walking experience was a perfect way to reconnect with nature and her daughter. In her words “the limited mobile reception was a blessing in disguise. It helped us detach from the distractions of our busy lives, to immerse ourselves in each other’s company, and the wonders of nature. 

Bruny Magic
Bruny Island – A perfect place to disconnect to reconnect.

Connecting with like-minded souls 

There is something special about small group touring, and the magic of connecting with a diverse group of people who all share a love for nature, landscapes, and adventure. She noted, while we all came from different walks of life, and different parts of Australia, it felt like we had a common bond through our love of nature. 

A group of active Australians on a walking tour through the Bay Of Fires in Tasmania
Connecting with like-minded walkers.

Exploring the captivating diversity of Bruny 

Like so many of our Bruny walkers, she remarked on the incredible diversity of the walks and landscapes of Bruny Island. From stunning beaches that seem to stretch into eternity, to captivating headlands and awe-inspiring Dolerite cliffs, every step often feels like a new discovery. Bruny has it all and is breathtaking in its beauty. 

Bruny's diverse landscape
Bruny’s diversity – Headlands, beaches, forests and more.

Connecting with the local community and artisans 

One of the highlights of the tour was engaging with sustainable artisans and local community specialties. From The Legendary Bruny Baker and The Bruny Oyster Co to The Bruny Island House of Whiskey (& Gin). In her words, “there were so many rich encounters, and celebrations of local flavors and craftsmanship. 

The Bruny Baker
Local artisans – The Bruny Baker.

A professional but relaxed and down-to-earth adventure 

While our guides take care to expertly organized every detail, they have a knack for ensuring a relaxed and down-to-earth vibe. Casual evening meals, impromptu highlights, and guide interpretations made every moment enjoyable and genuine, fostering an atmosphere of camaraderie and shared laughter. 

Casual and enjoyable meals and gatherings
Relaxed group meals and settings, a time to connect.

Finding time and space for health and wellbeing 

Like many guests do, by combining our walk with some time in Hobart, this escape offered her and her daughter the perfect opportunity to combine nature and wellness with some “foody treats in Hobart. “We left Hobart on our final night feeling like we’d had a perfect mix of nature and local delicacies”.  

For all these reasons and so many more, all our walks are holistic experiences that allow our guests to slow down, be in the moment, and appreciate the things that matter most – like cherished time with family and friends. Our walks are a great way to nourish your wellbeing. If this sounds appealing, why not check out our Bruny Island walk or any of our other magnificent walks throughout Australia. We’d love to have you come walk with us! 

Until next time,  

The Team at Park Trek 

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