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Our guides

Jen Andrews

Jennifer Andrew

Jen is a recent addition to the Park Trek guiding team, however, she has worked as bushwalking guide in Tasmania and Central Australia for nearly 10 years. Jen is passionate about bushwalking and has extensively explored Tasmania and Central Australia, as well as undertaking adventures in Nepal and New Zealand.  She has an interest in the therapeutic potential of outdoor activities and works with young people in Outdoor Education and Bush Adventure Therapy. Jen is at her happiest in the bush, and loves to share her delight in flora, ecology and geology. 

Robert Appleton

Robert Appleton

Rob grew up on remote cattle stations throughout central Queensland, riding horses and bulls, and exploring the outback. After some time in the military, Rob followed his passion for travel, nature and being active to Hobart and now calls Tasmania home. When Rob isn’t showing people around our beautiful country as an outdoor guide, he is working towards completing his Bachelor of Nursing.


Des Arlington

Des Tarlinton

Des grew up in the North East Coast of NSW, but fell in love with Tasmania through his studies in Outdoor guiding and Recreation in Hobart. He has developed a keen interest in Tasmania’s geology, ecology, and it’s Aboriginal and European history. Des loves Tasmania’s laid-back island lifestyle and its vast raw beauty. When he’s not working you can find him surfing the pristine coastlines, mountain biking along world-renowned trails or bush walking in the limitless lands of Tasmania. 

Jasmine Gallagher

Jasmine Gallagher

Jas loves to spend her time in Tasmania’s breathtaking wild places and has a passion for bushwalking and climbing. Though a mountain-lover at heart, having previously guided on the Overland Track, Jas grew up in northeast Tasmania and loves to share her childhood home with others. She is passionate about protecting and preserving our natural environment and believes in the universal benefits of time spent in nature. Learning, empowerment and connection are among the many attributes that Jas hopes to transpose during her ongoing studies in education.

Allistair Gehan

Allistair has been with the Park Trek team for several years and has travelled the length and breadth of Australia delivering tours to happy guests. His love of history, organisational and logistics skills, and calm, caring nature ensure all the tours he works on gain rave reviews. When he is not hitting the trails with Park Trek, Al spends his down time gaming. You’re likely to see Al on one of our many tours around the country whether it be in the Northern Territory, Tasmania, NSW or Victoria.


Ann McCoy

Ann is a passionate guide who loves working in the great outdoors and enjoys talking about the beauty and wonder of the natural world. As a Park Trek guide, Ann’s goal is to provide opportunities for guests to unwind, relax and develop connections with the environment and come away feeling refreshed and invigorated by their experiences. She thinks nature provides people with an escape from their busy and often stressful working lives. Ann has a Bachelor of Science specialising in plant ecology and a graduate diploma in outdoor education. She usually hosts Great Ocean Walk, Grampians, Wilsons Prom and Alpine tours.

Nick Morgan

Nick has spent the past decade gallivanting about the globe – seeking out good times & adventure. Trekking endeavours have taken him across the South American Andes, New Zealand, Morocco & South East Asia – but as a keen Tasmanian local, it is his island home that still gives him the most inspiration. Nick has also worked as a walking guide on both the Overland Track & the Larapinta Trail, and occasionally works as an outdoor education instructor. His favourite places to hang out include ‘The Organ Pipes’ on Mt Wellington, Mt Arapiles and the South-West Tasmanian wilderness.

Darragh O’Sullivan

Darragh has recently joined the Park Trek family and brings with him a love of nature, outdoors and an extensive knowledge of local wildlife. He has a Bachelor of Biological Science, where he majored in Zoology and Botany. He is an avid scuba diver and has a passion for marine conservation and environmental sustainability. His love of nature found him volunteering as a transporter for sick and injured animals. Darragh brings his passion with him on every tour and is always happy to share his knowledge with willing guests.

Angie Richards

Angie Richards

After more than 25 years in education, Angie took a career change as a hiking guide. A keen walker and cyclist, she has explored the great outdoors extensively, both in Australia and overseas. One of the biggest challenges Angie faces when travelling is deciding what adventure to pursue next as she likes to keep herself busy. Angie is keen to share her passion for the outdoors and her relaxed, no-fuss attitude ensures guests have a great time on her walks. She has a genuine interest in her guests and thrives on the opportunity to make ‘maybes’ become ‘realities’.

Trish Steel

Trish Steel

Trish has a great love of outdoors and passion for hiking. This developed during her upbringing in South Gippsland, during overnight hikes in Wilsons Promontory. She has extensive experience supporting students on school camps and hiking trips. Trish has also incorporated hiking into her career as a Social Worker, using it as a tool to support vulnerable people and refugees. Trish loves to hike and has explored Victoria extensively, completed the Kokoda Track and regularly travels abroad. She takes pleasure in supporting people who don’t feel confident venturing out alone, while having the opportunity to share our beautiful country.

Jayde Steer cropped 2

Jayde Steer
Jayde is a passionate, friendly guide who thrives on the outdoors. Jayde enjoys educating about nature through meaningful experiences and has worked as an outdoor educator for a range of schools and as a guide in Tasmania. Jayde has explored the outdoors extensively in her home state of Victoria, as well as the Tasmanian wilderness, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Outdoor Education. Jayde has a love of bird identification and behaviour, geology, flora and fauna identification, bike riding, white water rafting and natural history. She is ready for adventure and an easy-going and approachable member of the Park Trek team. 

Darby Walker

Darby Walker

Darby is a new addition to the Park Trek team and one of our fun and energetic mainland guides. His passion for the outdoors has taken him around the world, having previously worked as a lift operator at Mount Perisher in NSW, and as a surf instructor in the Dominican Republic, California and locally in Victoria. He loves all things outdoors, travelling and working with people. His bubbly personality and positive attitude take every tour to the next level.

Katri profile

Katri Werner

Despite being from South-East Queensland, Katri has quickly made Tasmania her home. You would be hard to find someone else with the same passion in teaching guests about the various flora and fauna the island has to offer. Katri has always been one for adventure, having spent a year in British Columbia working on ranches and exploring the wilderness of Patagonia. She is a keen photographer and has captured some of Australia’s most pristine landscapes. When not guiding you’ll find her behind the lens at some of Tasmania’s many landmarks.

Andrew Zylinski, Park Trek guide

Andrew Zylinski

Andrew is a seasoned Park Trek guide and has a vast knowledge of bird watching, geology, botany, climate and history. He has worked as an engineer and a teacher as well as having travelled extensively around Australia and the world. Andrew enjoys preparing delicious meals using fresh and local produce. His relaxed manner, professional approach and ability to talk about any topic will ensure you get the most out of any trip you take under his capable leadership.

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