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Our COVID-19 policy and safety measures 

Park Trek Walking Holidays thank you for joining one of our treks to share and experience some incredible destinations with us – you’re in for a treat! We trust you are ready to disconnect to reconnect with nature, landscape, wellness and likeminded trekkers.

As an industry we continue to navigate ongoing uncertainty related to travel, as well as an industry wide skill shortage. Regardless, the safety of our guests and staff is a priority.  

In recent times the rules around travel and COVID-19 have been relaxed. In that context, we have updated our COVID-19 policy and associated safety measures in line with new government advice.   

Pre-tour responsibilities of guests to be fit and healthy

  • As per our booking process, guests are strongly advised to consider taking out travel insurance to cover any unexpected circumstances, including risks of needing to cancel tour participation due to COVID or illness.  
  • Park Trek has appropriate safety measures in place to help manage and mitigate COVID-19 risks on all trips we operate. We have robust procedures and protocols for your wellbeing. 
  • However, no guest should present for a tour if they feel unwell or have symptoms that may adversely impact fellow guests and guides, or their ability to safely complete the walk. 
  • If upon pick up on day one you are displaying any symptoms, our guides may make a determination as to whether you are fit and healthy, and appropriately equipped, to attend the tour. 
  • Guides may choose to evacuate a guest off the tour if they have concerns about that guest’s ability to complete the walk safely or without adversely impacting fellow guests or guides. 
  • If a guest must be evacuated from a tour, our team will reasonably assist in organising this (after having regard among other things to the interests of fellow trekkers and guides), however the affected guest will be responsible for any additional costs associated with the evacuation. 
  • Park Trek continues to follow government recommendations relating to COVID-19. It is however the duty of travellers to check requirements that must be fulfilled pre-travel or transiting. Refer to this helpful link to prepare for travel:  Coronavirus Travel Safety Information – Tourism Australia
  • Park Trek requests you hold a digital and printed copy of your COVID-19 vaccination certificate whilst on tour, as you may be required to show proof of vaccination to enter venues in many states across Australia.
  • As an added safety precaution, Park Trek asks that all guests ensure prior to trek departure that they have an adequate supply of face masks, hand sanitiser and ideally an approved rapid antigen COVID-19 test kit. 

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