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Explore Kakadu, Litchfield and Arnhem Land: Unveil wonders of the Top-End

Embark on a Top-End journey through the heart of Australia’s natural and cultural marvels with Park Trek’s recently revamped and improved 6-day tour. This tour has been designed to immerse you in nature and inform you around the deep cultural significance of this amazing region. Here’s some the reasons you will love this adventure:

1. The Top-End is an iconic experience on so many levels:

The Top End of the Northern Territory stands as a testament to Australia’s rich natural and cultural heritage. On this tour you will immerse yourself in the beauty of wetlands alive with prolific birdlife and wildlife, be entranced by rugged escarpments, stunning waterfalls, and significant rock art. You’ll learn of the regions unprecedented cultural history – home to the oldest continuous culture on earth dating back over 60,000 years!

2. The walking and sightseeing is incredible:

The walking experiences on this tour bring you up close to the highlights of this breathtaking region. Embark on the Barrk Sandstone Walk, a 12-kilometer circuit leading to a dramatic rock outcrop with mesmerizing views. Marvel at the renowned ‘lightning man’ rock art in Anbangbang Gallery. Sweetwater Pools offers a leisurely walk, culminating in a refreshing pool for a rest. Explore diverse landscapes with walks around Mamukala wetlands, Ubirr’s rock art, Wangi Falls, Walker Creek, Florence Falls, and Buley Rockholes. Each step is a discovery, and a dip in these natural wonders is almost obligatory.

3. You’ll spend a day in enchanting Arnhem Land and cruise Yellow Waters:

Beyond the captivating landscapes, Park Trek adds extra dimensions to your adventure. Journey into Arnhem Land with a local Indigenous guide, scale Injalak Hill for a breath-taking escarpment lookout and visit a local non-profit arts center. Take a leisurely soak in the myriad of rockpools, marvel at the colossal magnetic termite mounds of Litchfield National Park, and enjoy the magnificent Yellow Waters cruise. You’ll see stunning wetlands,, spot saltwater crocs, and experience the awe-inspiring Nitmiluk Gorge, where rugged red rock walls and rapids create a picturesque journey.

4. Based on feedback our itinerary was refined to enhance the experience:

Listening to our valued customers, Park Trek revamped its Top End trip after the 2022 touring season. The itinerary now spans just 6 days, focusing on Litchfield National Park, Kakadu, and a day in Arnhem Land. This means there is less driving and more immersion in nature. The feedback on our new itinerary in 2023 was overwhelmingly positive. Nitmiluk Gorge may have been dropped, but the wonders awaiting you are more spectacular than ever.

Join us as we unveil the beauty, diversity, and cultural richness of Kakadu and the Top End. Park Trek looks forward to walking with you in the Top-End and creating unforgettable experiences together. Note: This blog reflects Park Trek’s commitment to delivering an exceptional experience, blending customer feedback with the timeless wonders of Australia’s Top End.

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