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Why it’s great to explore in your Australian backyard.

Summer is a time of endless possibilities, and as the sun graces the southern hemisphere, it’s the perfect time to explore the wonders of your own backyard, and what better way to explore Australia than on a walking adventure. 

Australia offers a vast array of natural beauty, from lush forests and pristine coastlines to rugged mountains, arid zones and unique flora and fauna. In this blog, we’ll look at why walking and adventuring in your own backyard this summer should be at the top of your bucket list.

1 Support local suppliers, accommodation, and tourism destinations

One of the most compelling reasons to explore Australia this summer is to support local suppliers, accommodation providers, and tourism destinations. The tourism industry has faced unprecedented challenges in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. By choosing local travel, you can directly contribute to the recovery, success and vitality of your own community and the Australian economy.  

People relaxing in the backyard during the Australian summer
Photo: Icena Farm, Larapuna / Bay of Fires, Tasmania

2 Support Australian guides and employees

Your choice to explore your own backyard provides much-needed support to Australian guides and employees in the tourism sector. By participating in domestic tours and adventures, you will be spending your travel budget with fellow Australians which helps sustain jobs and provide livelihoods to those who take pride in showcasing the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Australia. 

At Park Trek, we are passionate about empowering our Australian guides. Our guides and support team are without doubt our most valuable assets, and we ensure they are paid fairly the way our guests expect (check them out here).

Tour guide and guest walking on a beach in the Bay of Fires, Tasmania in a conservation area.
Photo: One of our fantastic Park Trek guides

3 Enjoy fantastic Australian summer weather

Australia boasts glorious summer weather. The sun-drenched days and warm temperatures create the ideal environment for outdoor activities. Whether you’re exploring coastal trails, hiking through the bush, or camping in the Outback, you’ll generally be greeted by the splendid Australian summer. Of course, there are times when weather may not be as expected, however our guides will always keep you safe and sound regardless of nature’s surprises. 

Man and woman hiking up the Victorian Alps and engaging in the 3 peaks challenge
Photo: Summer in the Victorian Alps, Three Peaks Challenge walk 

4 Discover diverse flora, fauna, and wilderness … and cultures

Australia is not only home to the longest continuous living culture on earth, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, it is also home to the most diverse flora, fauna, and wilderness on our planet. How much do you know about our unique and remarkable flora and fauna? Have you truly explored the unique ecosystems of your own country? From the ancient southern rainforests in Takayna / Tarkine to the abundant flodplains of Kakadu, Litchfield and Arnhem Land, Australia offers an incredible diversity of natural landscapes. 

All of our walks are curated to capture the landscape, flora and fauna highlights of the iconic areas we walk. Whether a bird watcher, whale spotter, marsupial enthusiast or budding botanist, you’ll be inspired by nature on our walks. 

For instance, on our beautiful Light-to-light walk along the New South Wales Sapphire Coast whales frequent the area from late May to early December, so it’s a great time for whale watching while walking along the trail.  

Picture of a wombat found in an Australian forest
Photo: Takayna / Tarkine, Tasmania 

5 Experience the wellbeing benefits of nature – time and space!

Of course, while our walks will take you to beautiful places with other great people, think also of the well-known physical and mental health and wellbeing benefits of spending time in nature. Numerous studies have shown that time in nature has positive effects on mental and physical wellbeing. Walking in the great outdoors can reduce stress, improve mood, and boost creativity. Take advantage of this natural therapy in your own backyard. Be mindful, be active, learn and contribute. 

Whether you’re in Melbourne, Sydney or anywhere else we have a tour that is designed for you and your loved one. All our walks start in convenient locations, so quite often our guests bookend their Park Trek walking experience with lovely dining and other experience before and after tour. In fact, if you are in Melbourne, why not come along to one of our recreational walks or volunteers to be a Park Trek walking ambassador in your town. 

A group of active Australians on a walking tour through the Bay Of Fires in Tasmania
Photo: Trekking in beautiful places with likeminded travellers and friends 
  1. Convenience and the choices are almost endless

Walking in your own backyard offers unmatched convenience. All our tours leave from easy departure points, generally central point in major cities or regional towns so you’ll have no trouble getting to the start. Whether you’re a coastal lover, a mountain enthusiast, or an adventure seeker, we have a walk for you and your capabilities. From the Great Ocean Road to the Snowy Mountains, your options for exploration are limitless. 

Check out our popular Snowy mountains tour 

Group of active Australians completed a hike for charity in the Snowy mountains located in NSW
Photo: Trekking for charity in the Snowy Mountains, NSW walking tour 
  1. Local walking is better value and more sustainable

Why spend all that money on a hefty international airfare, not to mention the emissions, when you can go so much further closer to home for less! You can enjoy spectacular landscapes, learn about our remarkable indigenous cultures, history, flora and fauna without the hefty international price tag. You will also feel-good knowing that travelling local and travelling by foot is better for the  

We believe nature is a gift. Our purpose is to provide guests with inspiring ecotourism experiences. Our objective is to share with you the wonderful landscapes of this remarkable land, energising and fulfilling you as you enjoy the health and wellness benefits of being in nature. 

Check out our green travel guide here.  

  1. Gather your mates together

It’s easier than ever to get your friends and family together for an Australian adventure. With countless local destinations and activities to choose from, planning a group trip has never been more convenient. Or perhaps you’d like to work with one of our charity partners and raise money for a purpose or cause you and your friends or colleagues are passionate about. What better way to do it than through walking. 

In these uncertain times, avoiding the risks of international travel is a wise choice. Australia’s backyard offers a wealth of adventure and discovery. Getting to know your own country will not only create lasting memories but also deepen your appreciation for the incredible beauty that surrounds you. 

 You won’t be disappointed by the treasures you’ll discover in your own back yard. So, pack your bags, lace up your hiking boots, and embark on an Australian adventure this summer! 

Picture of a bright red flower called Sturt Desert Pea. This is only found in the Flinders range in South Australia
Photo: Sturt Dessert Pea, Ikara / Flinders Ranges, South Australia 
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