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Is this the right walking tour for me?

If you’re experiencing doubts that you’re fit enough for a walking tour, rest assured that most healthy adults can participate in a Park Trek walking holiday. As long as you can walk between 10 and 15 kilometres in a day while carrying a lightweight daypack, you’ll find our tours very achievable.

Guide Andrew and group GOW small

Safety and comfort are our priority, so we’ve tailored our walks to allow for a steady pace without feeling rushed to meet deadlines. We want you to settle into a gentle walking rhythm that’s comfortable while also allowing you time to enjoy the natural surrounds.

How hard are your walking tours?

We understand that everyone has different fitness levels, so we give you options to make the walk easier and more enjoyable. Our walking tours are enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities.

If you’re at the back of the pack, that is no problem at all, on circular or return walks one of our guides will stay with you. For through walks, there will be times where you’ll only have one guide on the trail but you still won’t feel rushed. If you’re a faster walker, on most walks guides will communicate the needs of the tour and you can likely walk ahead and meet up with the group at a designated point.

We mostly walk on well forged walking tracks, but some tracks are rocky and lumpy underfoot, soft and sandy, or muddy and slippery. Sometimes we’ll need to negotiate obstacles such as fallen trees, sections of scree or steep steps. Our friendly and expert guides will help you along the way.

The group takes regular breaks throughout the day, and you only have to carry water and a light daypack which takes the load off walking.

What’s the food like?

We serve delicious, home-style meals and snacks, which include breakfast, lunch and dinners. Snacks include fresh fruit, trail mix and pre-dinner nibbles. All meal inclusion are clearly outlined in your trip itinerary.

A bush picnic for lunchThere are group and individual thermos’ with plenty of tea, coffee and hot chocolate, which can be enjoyed with biscuits or cake.

While we don’t offer five-star chef-prepared dining, all food is fresh and healthy, and our guides make sure it’s tasty and plentiful. We can accommodate specific dietary requirements and individual needs.

 For breakfast, you’ll enjoy a continental spread of cereals, stewed fruit, toast and yoghurt.

Lunch typically includes meat, salad, bread and wraps. We like to add variety, so some days we serve roast chicken and salad, while other days you may enjoy a tasty quiche or frittata.

For dinner, your guides will prepare a casual two-course meal of main and dessert. Whether it’s oven roasted lamb and vegetable bake, a simple salmon fillet with green seasonal vegetables or marinated chicken fillet, you’ll enjoy our healthy and plentiful dinners. We finish off with dessert, which could include maple baked apples, pears in red wine, fruit salad or a classic Eton Mess.

We offer plenty of snacks and nibbles throughout the trip to keep your energy levels up. There’s a self-serve trail mix selection at the beginning of each day and we serve fresh fruit throughout the day. We offer biscuits or fruit cake for tea breaks. Before dinner, you’ll enjoy a selection of dips, cheese and crackers.

Will you cater for dietary requirements?

We can cater to dietary requirements, for example vegetarian, gluten-free and lactose intolerance. You may have a simple individual preference (for example, if you prefer your coffee with soy milk). Please let us know your requirements at the time of booking your tour.

I have a few dietary requirements and was wondering if it’s OK to bring some foods along with me?

Enjoying a local wine

Yes, you can bring some of your own food along with you, but please check with us for any restrictions that apply to your tour destination. For example, you can’t take honey onto Kangaroo Island and some locations don’t allow you to bring certain produce.

Is alcohol included?

Alcoholic beverages aren’t included, but you’re welcome to bring wine or beer with you. Please pack your bottled wine safely in your main bag to avoid breakages. While en-route on the first day, we usually stop at a bottle shop for anyone who wants to purchase alcohol for the tour.

What’s the accommodation like?

The Manor House - our accommodation for the Daylesford Walking Tour

We take great pride in choosing accommodation that is clean and comfortable for our walkers. Whether you’re staying in an eco-cabin, a farmhouse, cottage or hotel, you’ll find all accommodation contains heating and cooling and the chance for a hot shower at the end of each day.

You’ll be well-rested and ready for the next day of walking!

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