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Recommended gear for multi-day hikes

Bringing the right gear on one of our multi-day hikes means you’ll have a comfortable, safe and fun experience. What you’ll need to bring will depend on the weather, the time of year, the destination and the terrain, but there are some essential items we recommend.

A good idea is to use all your gear before the walking tour while you’re training and preparing for the hike. This will help familiarise you with your gear so you know what works best and where any potential problems are such as blisters or chafing hot spots.

Walking boots

What you need to bring


Pack suitable clothing for the duration of the trip. Bring clothing that will protect you from the weather, insects and vegetation. Lightweight clothing that you can layer is more suitable than thick, heavy clothing.


Bring a pair of comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots. Runners or flat-soled shoes aren’t suitable for hiking but can be worn after a day’s activity. If you’re buying new walking shoes, try wearing them before your hike while you’re training. A pair of open-toed shoes are often nice to relax in after a day on the trails, provided the climate isn’t too cold.

Hiking shoes or boots will make your walk more comfortable, especially when walking on rocky and uneven ground. If you’re buying new shoes or boots specifically for the hike, we suggest you wear them in well before your walk begins by walking around 10km for a few days in a row.

Toiletries and medication

Make sure you bring toiletries and any personal medication you’ll need.

Walking poles

If you’re comfortable using poles, lightweight but sturdy walking poles with a telescopic arm are helpful and easy to pack.

Two hikers in the grampians - Eco Walking TourDetailed packing list


As a walker on one of our tours, you’ll need to bring and manage your own day pack during the walks. A water bladder that carries approximately 2-3 litres of water is better than bottles as you can drink it while you are walking on the trail. As well as your lunch and snacks, here is a checklist of items we suggest you have in your day pack (depending on weather conditions):

  • waterproof rain jacket (for inclement weather)
  • water bottle or drinking bladder (minimum 2 litres)
  • high-factor sunscreen
  • blister pads and tape for chafing and blisters
  • antiseptic hand gel (optional)
  • sunglasses
  •  camera
  • hydralite sachets (particularly for Top End hikes)

For clothing and accessories during the hike we suggest:

  • sunhat/ wide brimmed hat (for sunny conditions)
  • beannie (for cold conditions)
  • walking poles (optional)
  • gaiters (optional)
  • quick dry short sleeved and long sleeved shirt
  • Fleece for cooler conditions (that can be put in your day pack if you become too hot)
  • Quick dry pants or shorts
  • hiking socks
  • comfortable walking or hiking shoes or boots with good grip and ankle support

Hikers in IcelandMain bag

Please pack your gear in a soft bag instead of a hard suitcase. This helps your guides to easily pack the Park Trek trailer.

The trailer will transport your main bag to each place you stay, so you’ll only need to carry your light daypack while walking.

Here’s what we suggest you bring in your main bag:

  •  long or short pants, preferably loose-fitting, lightweight and quick-drying
  •  long or short-sleeved shirts
  •  fleece jacket or woollen sweater – something that keeps you warm
  •  rain jacket or spray jacket
  •  walking socks
  •  a set of thermal undergarments to keep you warm if rain is expected and your walking tour is in cold climes
  • swimmers (or ‘bathers’ if you’re from Victoria!) and a towel (optional for destinations with swimming options)

Specific gear for specific hikes

When you complete your tour booking, we’ll send you trip notes with a list of suggested items to pack. These items will differ for each trip and depend on things like climate and terrain, but they are a good indication of what you may need for a comfortable and safe trip.

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