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Three Capes – Jan 2024 - 10/10

“We thoroughly enjoyed the walks … our guide [Sarah] was a natural leader”

Your guides: “Great knowledge…great people skills … organised, a natural leader and team player” 5/5

The walking experience: “The three walking days all had different interest value … we enjoyed all walks”. 5/5

Your accommodation: “Both accommodation and facilities were of high quality”. 5/5

Meals and snacks on tour: “The meals were healthy and nutritious … evening meals were great and filling”. 5/5

How would you rate and recommend Park Trek? Great. 10/10

The guides: “Professional. Encouraging, positive … and very knowledgeable” 5/5

The walking experience: “Great to get to the top of Mt Kos. Some of the weather was a bit challenging … nevertheless a great experience”. 5/5

Your accommodation: “Clean and comfy”, all that was required for a good stay. 4/5

Meals & snacks on tour: “Food was excellent”. 5/5

When connecting with others how would you rate Park Trek: Great. 9.5/10

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