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What makes time in nature so special?

I am sitting at my desk on this glorious Melbourne day, having just taken the dog for a short walk and spoken to a few people along the way. It made me think: why does walking and time outside make us feel so good?  

Whether it be just walking in your local park or walking further afield in the bush on a larger adventure. Just being outside always seems to pick you up and put a spring in your step. Is it the simple pleasure of fresh air, or something else? 

Birragung Wurundjeri Country
Birrarung, Yarra River, Wurundjeri Country, Melbourne, 2023.

Is it the five ways to wellbeing?

Well at Park Trek we think a big part of the answer lies in the five ways to wellbeing. This is a science-based model that links wellness with five simple actions for living. Those simple actions are: 

  1. Connecting with people around you, 
  1. Being active and healthy and stepping outside, 
  1. Taking notice, being curious and catching sight of the beautiful, 
  1. Keep learning, try something new or rediscover an old passion, and 
  1. Giving or doing something nice, or simply thanking someone. 

Nature, connection and growth

So, we are always interested to hear how others describe what makes them happy when they are outside or in nature. For instance, talking with a cousin last week, he nicely summed it up for himself as coming down to three things: 

  1. Nature, and the joy associated with being in it, 
  1. Connecting, with others and with landscape and country, and 
  1. Growth, through personal development and challenge. 
Three Capes Group 2024
Three Capes Group of Happy Walkers 2024

People, place and peace

Similarly, just last night I attended a terrific industry mentoring event. I was lucky enough to talk to another attendee who’d just returned from Africa, or her “happy place” as she described it. I asked her why it made her so happy, and she summed it up as: 

  1. People, connecting with generous souls who often have little by Western standards,
  1. Place, the landscape and the beauty and diversity of the continent, and 
  1. Peace, like lying in a tent in nature with nothing but the stars and sounds of nature. 

Our question to you

So, our question to all of you is, what is it that makes time in nature so special for you? We’d love to hear your responses and please tag friends who might also like to contribute.  

We will share our findings with you in the coming weeks, and one lucky contributor by 31 May 2024 will win a $100 OnePlanet voucher.

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