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Why our guides make a ‘walk in the woods’ so much more!

Are you thinking about a multi-day walk, but not sure whether to walk alone or with a guide? Well, while a guided walk might cost more, we think it’s well worth it. So, we thought we’d explain the value and some of the benefits of having a professional guide by your side.

Our guides make sure everything goes to plan, so you and your group can relax and enjoy nature!

This country’s landscapes, biodiversity, and cultural heritage is unrivalled. Australia is home to the oldest living culture on earth. Our continent, while ancient, is also home to unique flora and fauna. However, unless you are a flora and fauna or natural history expert, it’s hard to appreciate this without having a guide by your side.

Here’s a few reasons why a guide will make your experience so special:

Enhanced experience with local insights 
A professional guide brings the bush to life with extensive knowledge of local flora, fauna, culture, and history. They enrich your hike with fascinating facts and stories, making every step an educational journey. Guide interpretation promotes a deeper connection with the environment, allowing you to fully appreciate the beauty that surrounds you.

Discover hidden gems with Park Trek 
Our guided tours reveal the bush’s best-kept secrets. Imagine discovering cultural living sites you wouldn’t know were there unless someone showed you. Like the Bruny Island baker’s fridge laden with fresh cooked bread, the sea horses off the end of the Bay of Fires jetty, the sea eagle’s nest on the Ansons River, a lovely café in Mt Macedon or a spring fed fountain in Victoria’s goldfields. With Park Trek, you’ll traverse Australia’s most iconic places with the benefit of local knowledge of the hidden gems.

The hidden gems, like the Bruny Island Baker’s secret fridge full of delights.

Exclusive accommodations 
After a day of exploration, rest is crucial. Our guides are our experts in the field. They help us to find unique accommodation options well-suited to our experiences, and that might not be available to independent walkers. These special retreats offer comfort, a taste of local hospitality, and enhance your overall experience.

Logistical convenience & stress reduction 
A guide takes the burden of logistics and route planning off your shoulders. They handle transport, navigation, timing, and finding the most scenic lunch spots. They also know the local regulations, including permits and permissions. This support allows you to truly immerse yourself in the walk without any stress around logistics. Just leave it to us!

Safety and security 
The Australian bush can be unpredictable. Our guides are qualified and experienced to safely navigate, anticipate weather changes, and mitigate potential hazards. Their first aid expertise ensures that any unlikely emergencies can be addressed, providing complete peace of mind. They also carry satellite phones and safety gear for further surety.

Fostering group dynamics 
Our guides are experts at fostering camaraderie and support among walkers. Guides are skilled in managing group dynamics, ensuring a harmonious experience for all. They are adept at conflict resolution, and maintaining a great atmosphere where every participant feels included and valued. Now that’s worth a lot!

So next time when you think about a multi-day walk, consider one that’s guided. We know a guide’s knowledge and expertise will significantly enhance your experience. It also ensures safety, convenience, and a sense of community. Trust us we’ve been doing this for 25 years!

Our guides are our frontline legends, just read some of our review! They will transform a simple hike into a memorable adventure, leaving you with stories to tell and a longing to return to the wild beauty of the Australian bush.

With Park Trek, you’re not just on a walk; you’re on a journey of discovery.

Come walk with us, we’d love to walk with you!

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