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Limitless adventures with Park Trek: Let strides unveil new tales! 

If you’re seeking a retreat that not only reconnects you with nature but also ensures a seamless, enriching experience, then look no further than a walking and wellness experience with Park Trek. Our walking holidays transcend the ordinary. 

At the heart of Park Trek’s ethos is sharing the highlights of Australia’s most iconic landscapes and places with our guests through professionally arranged tours that are eco-sensitive and contribute to the local communities where we walk.   

Let’s delve into why Park Trek is the premier choice for adventurers seeking a well-organised, enjoyable and sustainable walking holiday that walks the extra mile! 

Expertly guided exploration: Where safety meets adventure 

Our journeys are led by knowledgeable and accredited guides who aren’t just passionate about the landscapes they traverse but are also equipped with the skills and equipment to keep you safe. Our guides are central to our guest’s experiences which is why we are committed to ensuring fair pay under modern awards in return for the professionalism and dedication that they bring to the trail. With first aid expertise and top-notch safety communication tools, you can trek with peace of mind, knowing that you’re in capable hands. 

Our commitment to eco-tourism 

For nearly 15 years, Park Trek has proudly held the Advanced Ecotourism Certification from Ecotourism Australia. This accreditation highlights our commitment to sustainable touring practices – from composting and recycling, to collaborating with local partners and accommodation providers who share our commitment to sustainability. We always seek to leave a lighter footprint. 

Embracing the “leave no trace” principles, we are committed to leaving our tour destinations as we found them with no adverse environmental impact. Recently, we’ve partnered with Greenfleet to offset our tour vehicle emissions. At Park Trek, eco-friendly exploration isn’t just a goal; it’s our ongoing commitment to preserving the beauty of the natural world for generations to come. 

Our commitment to reconciliation 

While Australian landscapes and natural wilderness are central to our tours, we are proud and privileged to walk on Country that is home to the oldest continuous culture on earth. We are committed to working with and learning from Aboriginal and Torress Strait Islander communities and we seek to incorporate cultural content and story into our tours sensitively and respectfully. What may seem like little things, like using accepted indigenous place names for places we walk, are in our view important gestures of our commitment to the reconciliation process. 

Local accommodations: Supporting the communities where we walk 

While some trekking companies make use of private lodges, Park Trek is committed to working with and supporting local communities and providers. We partner with unique local accommodation providers, ensuring your stay is not only comfortable but also contributes to the communities we explore. It’s our way of giving back, building meaningful relationships and fostering sustainable tourism. 

Meticulously curated walks: Designed by experts, enjoyed by you 

Behind every step you take on a Park Trek journey is an experienced back-office team dedicated to crafting extraordinary experiences. We focus on curating walks that showcase the highlights of Australia’s most iconic places. With expert logistics and planning, our team supports our guiding crews in the field, ensuring that every moment of your adventure is seamless and memorable. 

Effortless planning from pickup to drop-off – let us do the hard work 

Your adventure begins the moment you step out of your door and on to our bus. Our comprehensive service includes transport and logistics throughout your entire trip – from the first pickup at your central location to the final drop-off at the end of your journey. Park Trek ensures that every aspect of your travel is taken care of, so you can focus on the breathtaking landscapes and the joy of exploration and connection with likeminded trekkers. 

Nourishment for the soul: Nutritious home-cooked meals to fuel your trip 

Imagine ending your day with a hearty, nutritious meal prepared by your guides. At Park Trek, we understand the importance of refuelling after a day of exploration. Our guides take pride in crafting meals that not only satisfy your palate but also replenish your energy for the adventures that lie ahead. We can also cater for most dietaries with a little planning, so just be sure to let us know when you book.  

Magnificent destinations and enriching experiences and connections 

Park Trek isn’t just about magnificent destinations where we walk. It is also about the journey, the experience and the connections you make along the way. Joining a community of like-minded trekkers, you will seamlessly combine nature and wellness. You will connect with others in nature, be active, learn new things, be mindful and in the moment, and contribute positively to our community. Our walking experiences will have you return home rejuvenated and inspired. 

So why not come walk with us? 

In the realm of walking holidays, Park Trek is committed to excellence, combining adventure with community support, safety with expertise, and exploration with enriching experiences. So, lace up your boots, embrace the call of the wild, and let Park Trek redefine your notion of a walking holiday – where every step is an adventure waiting to be discovered.  

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